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News '18-'19

Academic Year '18-'19
Group News!
April 2nd
Prof. Andreana will teach Advanced Organic CHEM 8410.
November 17th
The Andreana Group would like to welcome 3 first year grad students: Mathieu Geremia, Hannah Rowe and Geraud Valintin.  Please see them here.
November 7th
Prof. Andreana will present: "CARB 79: Total synthesis of bacterial polysaccharide PS A1 with alternating charges on adjacent monosaccharides"  at the National ACS meeting in Orlando, FL.
August 25th 
Prof. Andreana will host "Centennial Celebration of ACS Carbohydrate Chemistry: Chairs' Perspective" at this year's ACS Meeting in beautiful San Diego, CA.  This unique Symposium will entail a collection of scientists who have contributed to both science and the Division in unique ways.
August 25th
August 18th
Prof. Andreana will teach CHEM 2410.
May 15th
Congratulations to Mr. Pradheep Eradi who graduated with a PhD and is off to Harvard University Medical Center to work with Dr. Elliot Chaikof as a postdoctoral associate.
March 27th
Prof. Andreana will give a talk titled: "Total Synthesis of Bacterial Polysaccharide PS A1 with Alternating Charges on Adjacent Monosaccharides" at Oakland University's Department of Chemistry
March 20th
Prof. Andreana will travel to Washington, DC for an NIH study panel meeting ZRG1 F04A-H(20)
February 28th
The Andreana Group welcomes a new graduate student into the family.  Mr. Matthew Lohman, from Prof. Cristina De Meo's group at SIUE, decided to test his luck and get to what's real!!!   To learn more about Matt, see here.
January 1st
Happy New Year!!!  2019 
December 1st
The Andreana Group welcomes two new graduate students into the family.  Ms. Amendra J. Liyanarachchi and Ms. Shanika Gamage from Sri Lanka.  To see more about these two, look here.
November 15th
Professor Andreana will teach CHEM 8410 - Organic Synthesis this Spring Semester
November 1st
Professor Andreana and Dr. Kristen Kirschbaum contribute to a collaborative paperSee here for more details.
October 19th
Professor Andreana along with Professor Xuefei Huang will be the Vice Chairs at the next Gordon Research Conference meeting to take place in Hong Kong, China from 23-28th of June 2019.
October 10th
Congratulations to Pradheep Eradi, who has just accepted a Post Doctoral position in the labs of Dr. Elliot Chaikof at Harvard University.  See Pradheep's work here
October 2nd
October 2nd
Congratulations to Vinod Kumar for receiving the Best Poster Award at the 14th Annual Midwest Carbohydrate and Glycobiology Symposium held at MSU in Lansing, MI.
October 2nd
Professor Andreana will serve as an NIH reviewer on NIAID proposals for adjuvant development.
October 2nd
Professor Andreana will serve as an NIH reviewer on F32 proposals on November 15th.
September 24th
Dr. Samir Ghosh has accepted a position in the AndreanaGroup as a postdoctoral fellow.  The entire group would like to welcome him back!  We look forward to amazing things from you!!!
August 27th
Professor Andreana will teach CHEM 2410 this Fall Semester.  CHEM 2410 is Organic Chemistry I.
August 19th
August 19th
August 19th
Professor Andreana, graduate students Kris Kleski, Pradheep Eradi and undergraduate student Gabrielle Terese Hymel attend the  256th ACS National Meeting & Exposition in Boston, MA.  Pradheep and Gabrielle delivered excellent talks and Kris had a dynamic poster on display.  It was also nice that former group members Kevin Trabbic and Mengchao Shi were also in attendance and the gang got together for an excellent dinner!  Please see here for pictures!
July 27th
Congratulations are in order to members of the Andreana Group for their publication in Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy. You can check out their manuscript here!
July 27th
Congratulations are in order for Pradheep Eradi and Dr. Samir Ghosh for their publication in Organic Letters. You can check out their manuscript here!
July 10th
Congratulations are in order for Drs. Nasim Esmati and Amar Maddirala for their publication in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry. You can check out their manuscript here!