Academic Year '14-'15
 Group News!
August 16-20th
Prof. Andreana will attend the ACS Boston Meeting and give an invited lecture titled " Investigation of Anticancer Entirely Carbohydrate Constructs Tn-PS A1 and TF-PS B"
June 14-19th
Prof. Andreana attends the GRC Carbohydrates meeting as a Discussion Leader and to present a poster titled "Investigation of Anti-Cancer Entirely Carbohydrate Immunogens, Tn-PS A1 and TF-PS B"
May 19th
Congratulations to Ahmad and Sharmeen for their publication in Organic Letters.  Please see here for the .pdf.
March 31th
Cogratulations are in order to senior Post-Doc Samir Ghosh for his contributions pertaining to the Second Update of Di-t-Butylsilyl Bis(Trifluoromethanesulfonate) in e-EROS.  Please see here for the .pdf.
March 22-26th
Prof. Andreana, Amar and Sharmeen will travel to Denver, CO for the 249th ACS Meeting.  
February 26th
Prof. Andreana will give a lecture in the Chemical Engineering Department at U Toledo.
January 20th
Prof. Andreana will give a lecture in the Dept. of Eng. here at The University of Toledo on February 26th, 2015.
January 12th
Prof. Andreana will teach Advanced Organic Synthesis CHEM 8410.
December 5th
Prof. Andreana travels to Cleveland State University to give a lecture titled "Entirely Carbohydrate-based Cancer Vaccines".
November 28th
The Andreana Group celebrates Thanksgiving, Christmas and Friendships by having a fun packed evening that includes bowling at Bowlero Lanes in Toledo and dinner at The Jewel of India in Toledo.  Please see our Photo Albums web page for a glimpse of our good times!!!
November 14th
Prof. Andreana travels to Texas and the University of Texas El Paso to give a lecture titled  "Entirely Cabohydrate-based Cancer Vaccines".
November 13th
Prof. Andreana travels to New Mexico and New Mexico State University to give a lecture titled "Entirely Cabohydrate-based Cancer Vaccines".
November 7th
Four new 1st year graduate students join the Andreana Research Group!  This brings the total membership to 13 people total including Prof. Andreana.  Currently there is 1 post-doctoral associate and 11 graduate students.  Please see our Group Members page for more information.
October 18th
The entire group travels to Ann Arbor and converges at the University of Michigan for the 10th Annual Midwest Carbohydrate and Glycobiology Symposium hosted by Prof. Nagorny and students.  The meeting ran Friday night and all day Saturday.  Andreana Group Members presented posters of their research and Prof. Andreana gave a talk titled "Entirely Carbohydrate-based Cancer Vaccines for Disease Prevention and Treatment.
October 9th-10th
Prof. Andreana and graduate student Kevin Trabbic travel to Bethesda, MD for an NIH sponsored conference titled "Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy: Delivering the Promise.  Kevin presented a poster detailing some of his vaccine related work.  The title to his poster was "Investigation of Ant-Cancer Entirely Carbohydrate Immunogens, Tn-PS A1 and TF-PS B.
October 6th
Prof. Andreana visits Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN and gives a lecture titled "Diversity in Small Molecule Synthesis and Entirely Carbohydrate-based Cancer Vaccines for Disease Prevention and Treatment".
August 25th
Prof. Andreana teaches CHEM 2410 (Organic Chemistry I) at The University of Toledo.
August 21st
Prof. Andreana visits The University of Toronto as an external PhD advisor to Prof. Nitz's graduate student and gives a lecture titled "Cancer Vaccines using Tumor Associative Carbohydrate Antigens Conjugated as Entirely Carbohydrate Immunogens"
 August 11th
Prof. Andreana attends the ACS 248th Nationl Meeting in San Francisco and gives a lecture titled "Microwave-Assisted Multicomponent Cascade Couplings with Carbohydrates".  The ACS Division of Carbohydrate sponsored Symposium was organized by Profs. Witczak and Bielski.  The title of the Symposium was "Domino and Rearrangement Reactions in Carbohydrate Chemistry".