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Jean-Paul Bourgault completes the total synthesis of naturally occurring herbicide Thaxtomin A in a single synthetic transformation using a facile, streamlined and efficient multicomponent one-pot process. For his efforts, Mr. Bourgault was granted the inside cover of OBC as illustrated here.  Although Thaxtomin A had been synthesized previously, this short route hopes to provide a library of Thaxtomin A derivatives that will be used to probe the compound's mechanism of action as it is currently still unknown.  One of the keys to Jean-Paul's strategy is that the by-product of this reaction is water which bodes well with Thaxtomin A's story of being Bio-Friendly.

In addition a modified version of this article was published on the Royal Society of Chemistry learn chemistry web site under the annotated article section. This resource is aimed at teaching undergraduate students how to understand and interpret key aspects of journal articles through clearly defined outlines which are rewritten by the authors specifically for the students.  Please click here for more information!



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MedChemComm Carbohydrate Themed Issue

A MedChemComm themed issue was guest edited by Profs Garneau-Tsodikova and Baasov highlighting recent advances in the glycosciences in its broad sense to drug discovery.  

Trabbic and De Silva's paper appeared in this issue which you should check out!  



Bourgault, J. P.; Trabbic, K. R.; Shi, M.; Andreana, P. R.  (2014)  Synthesis of the Tumor Associative α-Aminooxy Disaccharide of the TF Antigen and its Conjugation to a Polysaccharide Immune Stimulant.  Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 12: 1699-1702.

OBC Cover Art

The evil and disguised tumor cell is elusive in nature.  It avoids immune surveillance and can metastasize at will.  The cover art for Bourgault's paper above, illustrated by artist Miss Rachel A. Bourgault, aims to capture the see-saw battle between what is known about the surface glycans on tumor cells and how to exploit them to unmask the cell's evil doing.  One of those surface carbohydrates is the Thomsen-Friedenriech (TF) antigen which is an alpha-linked dissaccharide found in high density on human breast, colon, stomach, bladder, prostate and liver tumor cells.  The paper provides a route for it's synthesis and a protocol for it's conjugation to a zwitterionic polysaccharide called PS A1 which can induce the highly sought after T-cell immune response in vaccine design and development.



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