Current Group Members:


PI:  Prof. Peter R. Andreana, PhD


Peter received his Hons. BSc in Biochemistry (heavy emphasis on Organic) from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada in 1998 under the tutelage of the late Prof. H. L. Holland.  His Honors thesis is titled: "An Investigation of the Sulfoxidation of N-Protected Amino Acids by Beauvaria bassiana ATCC 7159".  He then received his PhD in 2002 from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI working in the labs of Prof. P. G. Wang. His Dissertation is titled: "Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Biologically Significant Carbohydrates".  In 2002 he moved to Harvard University in Cambridge, MA to work first as a Post Doctoral Associate and then as an NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Post Doctoral Fellow for Prof. S. L. Schreiber.  In the Schreiber labs he studied the direction of Diversity-Oriented Synthesis (DOS) which included small molecule synthesis and asymmetric catalysis using multicomponent coupling reactions.  

In 2005, he returned to his PhD granting institute to begin his independent career as an Assistant Professor and in 2012 relocated with his group to The University of Toledo where he is currently Full Professor.  He is both a member of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and School of Green Chemistry and Engineering.  The Andreana Group Research interests can be found on this website but in short the group is interested in carbohydrate-based vaccine development (current directions are cancer and bacterial based), small molecule synthesis (natural and natural product like synthesis) and the development of carbohydrate-based immunotherapeutics.  For all existing efforts, the group operates under an NIH UO1 GM125271-01 and start-up monies from The University of Toledo.  In 2010, the Andreana Group was bestowed an ACS National Award from the Division of Carbohydrate.

Currently Prof. Andreana serves on the United States Advisory Committee for the International Carbohydrate Symposium (USACICS) as treasurer and secretary, the ACS Carbohydrate Division's webmaster and as of January 1, 2020 in the role of ACS Immediate Past Chair for the ACS Carbohydrate Division.

Post Doctoral Associates/Fellows

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Dr. Samir Ghosh, PhD

Post-Doctoral Associate (2018 - )


Dr. Ghosh came to us from Kolkata, West Bengal, India.  Samir worked on the total synthesis of tumor associated carbohydrate antigens (TACAs) Gb3 and Globo H.  He developed stereoselective chemistries as well as chemistries to facilitate the incorporation of aminooxy functionality that allowed for expedited conjugation to carbonyls.  His hard work and concerted efforts landed him a number of publications which you can see here.  After a short stint back in India at a preeminent pharmaceutical company, Samir is back in the Andreana Group ready to pick up exactly where he left off...dialed in at 100 mph!!!

Dr. Mengchao Shi, PhD

Post-Doctoral Associate (2019 - )


Dr. Shi comes back to us after completing a Postdoctoral Fellowship at The Broad Institute in Boston, MA (see more info below).  Mengchao graduated in 2016 from the AndreanaGroup and since his return has been focused on developing methods for glycosylation reactions.  You can see some of his work here.

Graduate Students

Vinod Kumar Gattoji

5th Year Graduate Student (F2016 - )


The Andreana Group is very lucky to have received such an ambitious young man and scientist.  Vinny is an excellent addition to our group and he has already made a number of important contributions.  Hailing from Hyderabad, India, Vinny arrived in the USA in the summer of 2016 and since then has been working relentlessly on various projects involving carbohydrate chemistry.  Most recently, he received the University of Toledo COGS-GSA Research Award. This is an amazing feat for a graduate student who is only in his 2nd year!  Aside from doing research, Vinny enjoys reading about research, thinking about research, eating and breathing research!  We look forward to seeing a number of excellent and meaningful contributions from him in the future.  

Shanika Gamage

3rd Year Graduate Student (F2018 - )


Welcome our newest addition to the group, Mrs. Shanika Gamage, who comes to us from Colombo Sri Lanka.  Shanika received her BS from the University of Colombo in Colombo Sri Lanka and then came to the USA to join our research program.  In such a short period of time, Shanika has already contributed to the group and continues to work hard.  We look forward to truly amazing things from her!

Amendra Liyanaranchchi

3rd Year Graduate Student (F2018 - )


Welcome our newest addition to the group, Mrs. Amendra Liyanaranchchi, who comes to us from Colombo Sri Lanka.  Akin to Shanika, Amendra received her BS from the University of Colombo in Colombo Sri Lanka and then came to the USA to join our research program.  She is currently working hard on all aspects of our graduate program not to mention her devotion to lab work.  She always brings a positive attitude to the group and we all look forward to seeing her with numerous achievements.

Matthew Lohman

2nd Year Graduate Student (S2019 - )


Welcome the very newest addition to our group, Mr. Matthew Lohman, who comes to Toledo, Ohio all the way from Edwardsville, Illinois.  Matt is a De Meo alumni and very well trained in the art of carbohydrate assembly, especially in utilizing sialic acid.  Matt received his B.S. degree from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville in 2018.  He is currently working on understanding carbohydrate binding to proteins.  He is also utilizing his synthetic skill-set to generate sugar donors and acceptors for stitching together biologically significant oligomers.  Matt always brings a positive attitude to the group and we all look forward to seeing him excel over the next few years.

Geraud Valentin

2nd Year Graduate Student (F2019 - )


The Andreana Group is very fortunate to have Mr. Geraud Valentin join us.  He comes to UToledo from Lille in France with an accomplished track record of success.  In 2015, he graduated with a BSc with distinction, he was in the International Chemistry Olympiads in 2016 where he ranked 27th in France and he attended the prestigious ENSCL (Ecole Nationale Superieure De Chimie De Lille).  Geraud has gotten off to a great start here at UToledo with making progress towards carbohydrate conjugation.  In his past time, we have come to learn, first hand, that Geraud loves to cook classic French dishes that are truly delicious!  We expect big things from this young man and look forward to his many scientific accomplishments!  

Mathieu Geremia

2nd Year Graduate Student (F2019 - )


Parlez-vous français?   Peut-être la prochaine fois!!!  Coming to us from the National College of Chemical Engineering in Mulhouse, France, Mr. Mathieu Geremia is a welcomed addition to La Familia!  A multi-lingual talent, including excellent spoken German, Italian and some English (aside from his native tongue), this guy really knows his chemistry as well!   He has aspirations of garnering an MS degree in the Andreana Group and then Mathieu plans to eventually go back to France where he will begin his science career.  Mathieu has also studied in Germany at Albert-Ludwigs Universität in Freiburg-im-Breisgau and in our group he will examine oxidation/conjugation methods for detecting rare, but important nucleotides/nucleosides.  Mathieu is full of energy and we look forward to many great things from him.

Hannah Rowe

1st Year Graduate Student (F2019 - )


Hannah comes to us from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology – Terre Haute, IN where she obtained her BS in Biochemistry.  Hannah did a summer intern position as a Research Assistant in Marian University, Indianapolis, IN.  She brings a plethora of skills to the team and a great attitude with lots of smiles.  We look forward to watching Hannah bloom as she navigates through the choppy waters of vaccine design and development!

Previous Group Members

Post Doctoral Associates/Fellows

Dr. Sharmeen Nishat, PhD

Former Volunteer Post-Doctoral Associate (2017)

Current Position:  Assistant Professor

                            Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

                            Dhaka- 1000

See below for further details about Dr. Nishat.  You can see Sharmeen's work here.

Dr. Ahmad A. Shaik, PhD

Former Post-Doctoral Associate (2011/2012-2014)

Current Position:  Principal Research Scientist

                            Quantum Material Corp

                            Austin, TX, USA

Ahmad came to the Andreana Research Group in 2011/2012.  His diverse skill-set allowed the group to explore new avenues of research interest including ITC, SPR and new chemical entities that include(d) sugar hydrazides and triazoles.  In 2014 Ahmad left the group to move into an industrial position.  Ahmad's research efforts are now amounting to a nice breath of work, some of which was just recently published!

Dr. Srinivas Boga, PhD

Former Post-Doctoral Associate (2012-2014)

Current Position:  Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies

                            RGUKT - Basar,

                            Nirmal District,

                            Telangana State,

                            India - 504107

Dr. Yuanyuan Yuan, PhD

Former Post-Doctoral Associate (2011-2012)

Current Position:

Dr. Gopinath Tiruchinapaly, PhD

Former Post-Doctoral Associate (2006-2009)

Current Position:  Research Investigator


                            University of Michigan

Dr. Tiruchinapaly developed some chemistry that was used to synthesize a very challenging tetrasaccharide repeating unit of the immunogenic polysaccharide PS A1. Some of his methods are currently employed in the group. 

Dr. Fenling Song, PhD (Andreana's first post doctoral associate)

Former Post-Doctoral Associate (2006)

Current Position:  Professor and Doctoral supervisor

                            Dalian University of Technology

                            State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals

                            Dalian University of Technology

Dr. Song synthesized a naturally occurring substrate for the tuberculosis enzyme MshC. Aside from his excellent work, Fenling contributed in many positive ways to the group that really set in place our current group mantra.  You can see his work here.

Graduate Students (PhD Students from Andreana Research Group)

Kris Kleski (2014-2020)

PhD in 2020 - The University of Toledo

Current Position:  The Barchi Lab

                            Center for Cancer Research
                            National Cancer Institute
                            Building 376, Room 209\
                            Frederick, MD 21702-1201

If there is one word to describe KK it would be bold.  His addition to the Andreana Group will allow for expansion and growth in three areas of research interest to include biologically validated small molecule DOS, methodology development in sugar chemistry and the synthesis of tumor associated carbohydrate antigens.  There is no glass ceiling that KK cannot break through! 

Farzana Hossain (2014-2019)

PhD in 2019 - The University of Toledo

Current Position:  Postdoctoral Associate

                            Scientist I

                            Promiliad Biopharma Inc

                            Prof. Stephen C. Bergmeier

                            Ohio University

The Andreana Group welcomes Farzana to our research environment.  Coming to us from Bangladesh, Farzana will work towards our many ideas centered around glyco-peptides and glyco-peptide conjugates.  Although limited in her synthetic experience, we all know that she will be a wonderful success as her ambition and motivation are captivating.

Pradheep Eradi (2014-2019)

PhD in 2019 - The University of Toledo

Current Position:  The Chaikof Lab

                            Harvard Medical School/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

                            CLS 11090

                            3 Blackfan Circle

                            Boston, MA 02115

Pradheep comes to us from India with extensive research experience working for GVK BIO Science.  To his credit he already has a BMCL paper while he worked on a synthesis project for Lund beck (Sweden).  Although only early in his graduate career, Pradheep has courageously taken on one of our most challenging projects which requires a substantial synthetic undertaking requiring extensive knowledge of carbohydrate chemistry.  To his further credit, he has already made great progress and we all look forward to many great things from him.   You can see his work here.

Nasim Esmati (2013-2018)

PhD in 2018 - The University of Toledo

Current Position:  Research Scientist

                            Cayman Chemical

                            1180 East Ellsworth Road

                            Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 USA 

Nasim began her scientific career in Iran before relocating to the USA and ultimately in the Andreana Group.  She has been working on developing chemistries that enable the facile construction of focused libraries entailing a DKP core.  Her work extends our Green Chemistry program and will allow us to explore exciting and important roles that small molecules play in plant biology.  Furthermore, she has undertaken a very unique project where small molecule peptides are being examined as anti-tumor compounds.  You can see her work here.

Krishnakant Patel (2012-2017)

PhD in 2017 - The University of Toledo

Current Position:  Research Scientist

                            Anatrace, Inc.                             

                            434 W. Dussel Dr.                
                            Maumee, OH 43537          

Krish came to us via Hyderabad/Anand, India with a BS and MS in Organic Chemistry from Osmania University.  While in the group he worked on designing and synthesizing substrate-based inhibitors and testing their activity against enzymes found in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  The compounds Krish synthesized are what we call pseudo-carbohydrate-based in that they contain 6-membered rings and are poly-hydroxylated but do not contain furanose or pyranose rings.  Krish also worked on developing biologically active small molecules using multicomponent coupling reactions.  You can see his work here.

Kevin R. Trabbic (2011-2016)

PhD in 2016 -  The University of Toledo

Current Position: Project Scientist

                           Immunochemistry and Immunology

                           Charles River 

                           54943 N Main St, Mattawan, MI 

Kevin started his tenure in the Andreana Group in 2011 and was an integral member of the group's immunology division.  Kevin's main focus was on understanding immunological responses towards entirely carbohydrate vaccine constructs using murine models.  Early in his second year with the group, Kevin contributed to the assembly of a TF-PS A1 immunogen, which work was only most recently published.  He followed that up with a first authored manuscript in which he and a former PhD graduate of the group, Dr. De Silva, deciphered structural variation of the Tn-PS A1 construct using CD and fluorescent labeling. Most recently his efforts have been focused on developing mAbs using a novel strategy for immunotherapeutics.   You can see his work here.

Mengchao Shi (2011-2016)

PhD in 2016 -  The University of Toledo

Current Position:  Post Doctoral Associate                           

                            Renal Division, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
                            Center for the Science of Therapeutics, Broad Institute
                            415 Main Street, 3035,  Cambridge,  MA 02142  AND
                            Harvard Institutes of Medicine, Rm 570A
                            4 Blackfan Circle, Boston, MA 02115

Mengchao came to the Andreana Group in 2011 from Nankai University, Tianjin, China as an organometallic and catalysis guru.  Since his inception he worked on natural product and natural product-like synthesis of immunogenic carbohydrates, more specifically tumor associated carbohydrate antigens.  His efforts accumulated into published  papers including his piece du resistance which was just published in JACS.   You can see his work here.

Sharmeen Nishat (2011-2016)

PhD in 2016 -  The University of Toledo

Current Position: Assistant Professor

                           Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

                           Dhaka- 1000

Sharmeen began her PhD in 2011 in the Andreana Research Group.  Since that time she she was able to determine immune response(s) of glycopeptides conjugated to PS A1 as an immune stimulator (adjuvant).  Her ever expanding skill-set included the synthesis of peptides, natural product synthesis (glyco-amino acids) and she was certified by the DLAR to work with mice to test immune responses.  Her efforts have now amounted into published works and more are still to come!   You can see Sharmeen's work here.

Amarendar R. Maddirala  (2011-2016)

PhD in 2016 -  The University of Toledo

Current Position:  Post Doctoral Associate

                            Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

                            Washington University in St. Louis

                            St. Louis, MO  63110

Amar cames to us from India.  After obtaining his BS from Osmania University in Telangana in 2004 he then completed an MS in Chemistry from Kakatiya University also in Telangana.  He joined the Andreana Research Group in 2011/2012 and made seminal contributions to the groups in the small molecule synthesis.  Amar's contributions to our current research efforts in the lab were most recently noted in his first publication.  Amar just completed a very successful PhD defense, accepted a post doctoral position at WashU and to top it all off he most recently became a father to a healthy and happy baby boy!  Congrats deserve all the success in the world.  You will be greatly missed for being a quiet but very strong leader in the group!    You can see Amar's work here.  

Jean-Paul Bourgault (2009-2015)

PhD in 2015 -  Wayne State University

Current Position: Scientist II

                           Process Exploration

                           Cayman Chemical
                           1180 East Ellsworth Road
                           Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 USA  

Jean-Paul worked on the synthesis of carbohydrate tumor antigens (specifically the TF antigen), conjugation thereof to zwitterionic polysaccharides PS A1 and PS B, testing the activity of his vaccine constructs in mice.  He was instrumental in designing and implementing a one-pot, two-step process for the synthesis of natural product Thaxtomin A.  His diverse training skill-set will surely catapult him towards success in the future.  You can see his work here.

Soumava Santra (2005-2010)

PhD in 2010 - Wayne State University

Current Position: Lovely Professional University | LPU

                           School of Chemical Engineering and Physical Sciences

Dr. Santra worked on developing cascade coupling reactions as well as the total synthesis of carbohydrates.  His work entailed the understanding of the generation of molecular complexity, solvents effects on multicomponent coupling reactions and diastereoselective glycosylation reactions.  Much of Dr. Santra's work is continuing in the Andreana Research Group and due in part to his diligence it has now taken on an environmentally benign role.   You can see his work here.   

Ravindra D. B. Ajith De Silva (2005-2009) (Andreana's first PhD student)

PhD in 2009 - Wayne State University

                             Radiology and Radiological Science - Nuclear Medicine
                             Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
                             Baltimore, MD

Dr. Ravindra De Silva is an Instructor in the Johns Hopkins Medicine Department of Radiology and Radiological Science and a member of the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. He specializes in molecular imaging, carbohydrate chemistry, small molecule synthesis and clinical development and manufacturing of imaging and therapeutic agents.  In the Andreana Group, Dr. De Silva worked on the development of an entirely carbohydrate immunogen.  He is skilled in the art of total synthesis of carbohydrates, natural product isolation and testing of immune responses thereof.  His work is entrenched in ongoing efforts in the Andreana Research Group.   You can see his work here.


Graduate Students (MS Students from Andreana Research Group)


Gurdat Premnauth (2013-2016)

MS in 2016 -  The University of Toledo

Current Position:  PhD Student at The University of Cincinnati

Parlez-vous francais?  Well, if not then let Gurdat teach you!  While a MS student in the Andreana Group he undertook the important task of deciphering the message(s) of the 6th base in nucleotide assembly. Gurdat worked hard towards completing a very important story for the group that entailed the understanding of 5-hmC and the chemistry that lurks behind it.  His work has accumulated into a manuscript that is currently under preparation.  Stay tuned as there is more to come from this young scientist.

Andhina Satriani  (2017-2020)

MS in 2020 - The University of Toledo

Current Position:

Welcome our newest addition to the group, Ms. Andhina Satriani, who comes to us from Inonesia.  Andhina received her BS from the Universitas Mataram in West Nusa Tenggara and then came to the USA to join our research program.  In 2017, Ms. Satriani received the very prestigeous Fulbright Scholarship and in the Andreana Group she has already made substantial progress with her chemistry.  We are all very excited to see Andhina grow with her science and make substantial contributions.